Thank you for looking at Secret Crisis Comics. Yes, we are a comic shop but we are so much more. We have a large array of board games, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, Funko POPs, and more! Even if you cannot find the exact item you seek, talk to one of our friendly staff and they will do their best to track down the item for you.

An exciting feature of our store is our large collection of demonstration games. These games are for you to look at prior to buying or you can come in and (provided we do not have an event scheduled) play a game off the shelf.


We are always on the lookout for comics, Magic the Gathering cards, vintage Star Wars toys, and more. If you are interested in parting with something in which you think we might be interested, give us a call or stop in the store. There is only one person who evalutes your items so please do not bring things in without first letting us know. If Todd is not here, nothing can be done. So please, call ahead or shoot us an email if you would like us to evaluate your collection to sell.



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